I am an artist specilalizing in magical girls! It's my goal to read/watch all magical girl series! I also am currently selfpublishing a magical girl manga comic series of my own. So I love to turn everyday people like you into magical girls!
These commissions are handdrawn with copic markers and finished with glittery ink.
8.5 x 5.5 inch sizing
They would make a great gift for yourself or a friend!

Once payment is complete, send me refrences of your face and favorite outfit or any photos you feel represnt you to Alliemalottart@gmail.com. Then I'll ask you a few questions about yourself to get some inspiration on what your magical girl persona would look like, then I'll start work. Typically my commissions take a week or less, let me know if there is a short deadline.
Remeber, this is me turning you into a magical girl. If you have a specific already created vision of what you want to look like as a magical girl please provide clear refrences. After completion no changes will be made.

I can't wait to draw for you! :)

Become a magical girl! Portrait commission, manga / anime art style with copic

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