Digital PDF copy Volumes 1-5 of my original manga Magical Princess Sky!

Sky became a magical girl at a young age to protect her planet, Rabufru from war. Now the planet is again at peace and Sky happily attends Cloud prep school until one day a new threat shows up. : A soldier of the Kanarr, a candy crazed race out for universe domination. So obviously… she tries to become friends with him? How will Sky balance falling in love, secretly fighting to keep the planet she loves safe and still get up on time to go to school? She’ll wear her pajamas every day of course!

Each volume is at least 100 pages. PDF versions include color images!
I suggest 10+ age. There will be small bits of blood, fighting, love-triangle drama, flirting and non sexual nudity. No drugs or language.

Digital Magical Princess Sky volumes 1-5

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