Color omnibus Volumes 1-5 combined edition of my original manga Magical Princess Sky!

Sky became a magical girl at a young age to protect her planet, Rabufru from war. Now the planet is again at peace and Sky happily attends Cloud prep school until one day a new threat shows up.: A soldier of the Kanarr, a candy crazed race out for universe domination. So obviously… she tries to become friends with him?

The series will be 10 Volumes when completed, so to celebrate the half way point the first 5 volumes will be combined in a colored omnibus! Manga pages are candy-coated monochrome, while chapter openings and a special artwork gallery are shown in their multicolored splendor! Includes never before released to public artwork and short story! Will be a little over 500 pages, standard manga size. I suggest 10+ age.
Another will be made when the last 5 books are completed.

If you'd like it signed its no additional charge. Let me know who you'd like it to. :)

Magical Princess Sky color omnibus manga Volumes 1-5 combined

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