Convention information


Magical Princess Sky is the creation of Allie Malott, better known as Allie-chan Art. Allie is a full-time artist and has been tabling at conventions for over 7 years now. Over the years she has become a big part of the anime con community, not only in artist alley & vendor areas, but in panels where she shares her love of magical girls and knowledge of self-publishing and entrepreneurship with other creatives. Her manga series currently spans seven volumes and is a love letter to early 2000's magical girl manga, as well as classic sci-fi.


During summer 2021 she became one of the first Vtubers to create an interactive face-to-face system for talking to fans. The booth becomes a innovative interactive experience as Magical Princess Sky - an magical girl from a distant planet & comic book character - comes to life to talk to guests in person!


In 2022 the booth was taken to another level with larger screen, and in 2023 we're expanding the experience with a larger 10 x 10 booth-size to accommodate even more original merch, as well as a customizable LIVE2D VTuber station, so that con-goers can take home their very own VTuber model!
Other original products that will be available for purchase are the seven original manga comics, hardcover omnibus manga edition, acrylic & PVC key-chains, premium vinyl stickers, enamel pins, t shirts, tote bags, standee figures & more.