Vtuber commission info

Vtubers are virtual entertainers of the future! Anyone can become an anime characters via face tracking technology. It can allow you to hide your identity while streaming, or become a whole new persona! I am both the artist and LIVE2D rigger, giving you a streamlined experience to having the model of your dreams! I offer Halfbody, fullbody and a semi-custom option as well.

  • Half body (to elbows) draw plus rig $1,600
  • Full body (to feet) draw plus rig $3,500
  • Model building off starting base model, more info and pricing at page bottom

Comes with Half body rigged model

  • Head movement xyz (basic, see below for extra option)
  • Body movement xyz
  • Eye blinking 
  • Eyeball movement
  • Eyebrow up/down plus happy/angry
  • Mouth movement (more options below)
  • Breathing
  • Physics on hair, clothing, arms etc.
  • 3 facial expression files (your choice)
  • 1 animated movement file, based on already rigged parameters
  • 1 toggle emote (such as sparkling eyes, hearts above head etc your choice)

Comes with full body rigged model

  • All above
  • Arm/leg movement based on head position, for a natural look
  • Extra physics on arms, legs etc.


IOS tracking features Check-puff, tongue tracking, mouth X side to side - All three for $100

VBridger mouth add-on: $200

Extra face side to side movement turning almost to 180 degrees profile view. Includes added inner mouth depth - $600

Extra face altering changes (such as separate eyes, dark shadows on face, different blushing etc: $50

Extra toggle sticker emotes (such as sparkles in eyes, hearts over head etc) :  $30 each

Extra expressions/poses/animations from already rigged parameters: $20 each

Extra hair styles: $500 each

Extra outfits or accesories: Depends on complexity, please ask me.


Extra hands/arm poses (Such as separate hands for waving, peace signs, etc. Includes 1 animation file of pose using alternate hands) : $80 each pose

Fully rigged hand tracking (Hand motions tracked via VTube studio, almost like 3d model hands) : $700

Side-stepping motion (The model will already have some physics, movement on feet, this is only if you want dramatic motion when moving.): $200

I will give you a price quote on anything you can imagine adding, just ask.

Character design: 

If you do not have a character design ready for me to draw, you will need to commission one from me or another artist. From me, you can either get a quick, sketchy design or a fully finished character sheet depending on what you would like. Prices below:

Character design - Just concept art sketchy-sketches, 1 angle from front $150

Character design - Full finished character sheet, in color with three angles $500


Unless you request otherwise I am able to stream working on your commission, share progress on social media, and that I am able to reveal the final product as soon as it is complete. It will be included in my portfolio, with credit to you. If you would like the process to stay secret you must inform me.

Full payment upfront via PayPal, Etsy or my online store. 

Extra add-ons can be added at any time, so if you want to have the model complete or semi-completed before purchasing add-ons that is fine, however add-ons still need to be fully paid for before I begin work on them. 

Please send a message about my timeline/schedule at the moment before placing a order.

CMO3 (LIVE2D working file) is not available by request or purchase. PSD art files will not be given unless you hire me as an artist only, no rigging.


Please contact me through the form for questions!

Listings here

Customizable premade VTuber:

If you are looking for a cheaper, quicker option you can try out my premade customizable model, which allows a high range of options for you to create a LIVE2D model on your own here:



Semi-custom VTuber commissions:

I also offer a commission type, where I use the base model above as a starting point then customize to your liking - adding hair and clothing specially designed only for you to the base model rig. Keep in mind, any additional changes beyond those listed below will be an extra charge.

This price below includes the premade customizable model file for you to select the facial features and body-type you would like before I begin altering the model for you. Keep in mind, I will remove all customizable options from the completed model. No Cmo3 or PSD will be offered.

Comes with semi-custom VTuber commission:

  • Premade customizable VTuber model to test and choose options for: Skin color and tone (warm or cool). Body shape, torso width and hip width. Face shape and size. Eye shape, size and distance. Mouth size and lipstick options. Nose highlight options and side definition. Cat, elf or human ears.
  • Toggle expressions: Teary eyed, sparkly eyes, heart eyes and dark shadow
  • Animation:  Crying tear animation file
  • IOS tracking features: tongue out, mouth side to side X and Cheek puff/pout

       Fully new items drawn + rigged to your instructions:

  • Full new outfit
  • Specially drawn and rigged iris/pupils with sparkles, highlights etc.
  • Full new hairstyle
  • Accessories such as hair-clips, earrings, necklaces etc


  • Half body (to elbows) draw plus rig $800
  • Full body (to feet) draw plus rig $2,700

  • If you have questions about my VTubers, please contact me via the form below!